We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Carrie Evans of HUM Yoga & Sound to offer the public Community Acupuncture & Sound Healing.

The event will be Tuesday, April 25th 2023 from 6-8:30pm.


Where is this event located? The event is located at East Aurora Acupuncture & Center for Wellbeing, located at 502 Main Street, East Aurora. It will be on the second floor of the barn in the rear of the property. Parking lot is first come, first serve, but street parking is also available.

What should I expect? The Community Acupuncture offered will entail multiple people getting acupuncture treatments in an open space. At the same time, Carrie will be playing crystal singing bowls and gongs for a complete sound immersion experience. Each chair reservation is one hour. We will have zero gravity chairs and blankets that you can come and relax in and get comfortable for your experience!

What will the acupuncture treat? The acupuncture treatment is great for general stress, relaxation and well-being!

How long do I stay? Each time slot is for one hour of relaxation and bliss!

What should I wear? Comfortable clothing. You will not need to undress for receiving community acupuncture, only remove your socks.

Do I need to bring anything? Bring a friend! And while it isn’t imperative, comfortable clothes are recommended. We have a water cooler as well.

How much is the event, and how do I pay? The cost is $40/person.